We are looking for people who share our ambitious vision of becoming a successful, competitive and global company. Lime Catering is a dynamic and ever-growing company whose goals and standards are clearly defined. We consider human capital as the basis for the success of the company and we are proud of it. We believe that,by placing the right people in the right place, we will be able to fulfill all our strategies.Respect for people is based on our human resources policy.Our company’s HR policy is to respect every employee of our company, regardless of their beliefs, gender, nationality or position..

Lime Catering needs professional, responsible, enterprising and committed people to achieve strategic goals and fulfill daily tasks. Therefore,all our HR policy is to make our employees proud of their work in our company and our HR policy is to help our employees feel comfortable in working with us.We will always improve our HR management policy and we will use systems that give people incentives to work in Lime Catering for a long time.